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When you surrender your life to Christ and receive His gift of salvation, you step in to a relationship that God intends to last for eternity. He desires to continue the good work that He began in us until we reach full maturity… but it takes our engagement and cooperation. The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth in Growth Track: Step Over The Line of Faith, Walk Steady With Christ, Run Straight to the Center of God’s Will, and Give it All in Total Abandonment to Christ The Growth Track Orientation is a two-week study that will help you zero-in on where you are at in your spiritual journey with Christ and give you some key tools that will help propel you forward. We will teach on the core beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are the fuel to move you forward.


This Orientation is for you if you have already surrendered to Christ and have grown in spiritual maturity to a place in which many or all of the statements below describe your beliefs and values, and have been evidenced in your life. This overview characterizes the key components for a person who is “Walking Steady” and is ready to grow as a “Running Straight” follower of Christ.


  • Grace: I need to walk in God’s sustaining grace beyond salvation
  • Identity: I must surrender more each day to allow Jesus to live through me
  • Bible: The Bible holds answers to everyday issues
  • Authority: Continued submission to God’s will is the key to live


  • Worship: I attend worship services regularly
  • Ministry: I minister to people through the church
  • Biblical Community: I am engaged in a Life Group
  • Missions: I participate in Christ-centered missions

Spiritual Disciplines

  • Prayer: I pray to seek God’s guidance
  • Bible: I reflect on God’s Word to discover who God is
  • Evangelism: I share my faith story with others
  • Discipleship: I allow another person to invest spiritually and personally in my life
  • Financial Giving: I tithe
  • Self-leadership: I engage in spirit-inspired compassion
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"RUN STRAIGHT" Growth Track Orientation

Event Details

  • February 18
    11:00 am - 12:15 pm
  • February 25
    11:00 am - 12:15 pm