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When you surrender your life to Christ and receive His gift of salvation, you step in to a relationship that God intends to last for eternity. He desires to continue the good work that He began in us until we reach full maturity… but it takes our engagement and cooperation. The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth in Growth Track: Step Over The Line of Faith, Walk Steady With Christ, Run Straight to the Center of God’s Will, and Give it All in Total Abandonment to Christ The Growth Track Orientation is a two-week study that will help you zero-in on where you are at in your spiritual journey with Christ and give you some key tools that will help propel you forward. We will teach on the core beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are the fuel to move you forward.


This Orientation is for you if you have already surrendered to Christ. Many or all of the statements below most likely characterize your spiritual journey as you stepped over the line of faith into a relationship with Christ:


  • Grace: A relationship with God comes only by His grace through faith
  • Identity: My identity is found in Christ as I surrender to Him
  • Bible: The entire Bible proves God is real and desires a relationship with me
  • Authority: I believe Jesus is God and can be known


  • Worship: I attend worship services
  • Ministry: I volunteer in a ministry through the church
  • Biblical Community: I have authentic relationships with followers of Jesus
  • Missions: I participate in compassion-based missions

Spiritual Disciplines

  • Prayer: I talk to God through prayer
  • Bible: I read the Bible
  • Evangelism: I invite friends to church
  • Discipleship: I seek guidance from Christian friends
  • Financial Giving: I give
  • Self-leadership: I work to discover God’s truth
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"WALK STEADY" Growth Track Orientation

Event Details

  • March 4
    9:30 am - 10:45 am
  • March 11
    9:30 am - 10:45 am